Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Icarus sprouted wings... sort of to escape from King Minos who locked him in a tower for some reason on the island of Crete. There were a couple problems with this one. unfourtunately I couldn't fix them before I had to post it.


Michelle Diann said...

I really like that icarus looks like he is about to jump...the anticipation is really nice. i like the backlighting too.

tinklemeyer said...

I really like it, and I especially like the forshadowing of the sun behind him...he didn't fly too high yet but you know it's coming. Great energy too.

Mike Laughead said...

I like the drawing and the colors. The cropping is really nice in this one. I don't like the sketchy-ness of your lines. If you are going to leave your drawing so sketchy, you need to have darker colors to blend with your pencil lines.